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Vassallo Group’s subsidiary, Powerezi Ltd, has unveiled a €1 million solar energy generation project in Burmarrad, marking a significant stride in sustainable energy initiatives. This solar project is set to generate over 1.3MW of solar energy, harnessed from 3,000 solar panels, powering the equivalent to approximately 570 households.

The inauguration of this solar energy project coincided with the 75th anniversary of the Vassallo Group, reflecting the company’s enduring commitment to progress and sustainability. Vassallo Group CEO, Pio Vassallo, highlighted the significance of the 1.3MW energy project, emphasizing its role in elevating the group’s total clean energy production to 2.3MW. He expressed the company’s dedication to environmental responsibility, aligning with the broader industry trend towards sustainable practices.

In attendance at the inauguration was Energy Minister Miriam Dalli, who commended Vassallo Group for its substantial investment in integrating sustainability into its business operations. Minister Dalli emphasized the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors to advance the adoption of renewable energy. She also stressed the necessity for companies to strike a balance between commercial interests and environmental protection, endorsing the diversified approach taken by Vassallo Group.

Ing. Alex Tranter, CEO of Powerezi, expressed the company’s commitment to ongoing contributions to environmental preservation and addressing climate change.

The 1.3MW solar rooftop at Vassallo Business Park.