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Powerezi, the renewable energy company of the Vassallo Group, proudly announces the addition of a new 30kW Photovoltaic (PV) rooftop project to its portfolio of sustainable energy solutions. This latest venture, completed at the end of December 2023, is situated in Casal Nuovo, Paola.

Casal Nuovo, formerly known as St. Joseph Convent, holds historical significance, having been constructed in the 1930s as a Borders’ School and residence for the Sisters of St Joseph. Today, it is operated by HILA Ltd as a residence for persons with disabilities, reflecting the adaptive reuse of the space for modern needs.

The 30kW PV project comprises sixty cutting-edge 505W PV panels strategically installed on the rooftop. The advanced technology employed in these panels is expected to contribute significantly to the overall sustainability and energy efficiency of Casal Nuovo.

One of the primary goals of this solar initiative is to offset a substantial portion of Casal Nuovo’s electrical demand. It is anticipated that the 30kW PV system will effectively offset 23% of the facility’s electricity consumption, thereby reducing its carbon footprint and operating costs.

“We are thrilled to expand our solar footprint with the addition of the Casal Nuovo PV rooftop project,” commented Ing. Alexander Tranter, CEO at Powerezi. “This undertaking not only aligns with our commitment to promoting renewable energy but also contributes to the local community by supporting HILA Ltd’s mission in providing a sustainable residence for persons with disabilities.”

Powerezi remains dedicated to advancing sustainable solutions and will continue to explore opportunities that drive positive environmental impact and energy efficiency.